Art, food, Santa Fe

Before we talk about the previous few days we’ve had, check out these videos I learned how to upload. Hunter, who is so stoked for ski season, jumping off a sand dune, and a 6 minute video of us hiking Big Bend National Park. Feel free to ignore us, skip through some of it, etc.


Hunter wrote a brief synopsis of our New Mexico experience, which I will input before I elaborate any further:

“Though still very much a desert, New Mexico has been a treat for us after the heat, sun, and vastness of Texas. Having spent about 6 months in Albuquerque as a toddler, returning to the state of enchantment was special, and the ‘homecoming’ hasn’t fallen flat. Greeted by a full moon over the San Andreas Mountains, White Sands National Monument shone in the distance. Further north, in Santa Fe, Sarah and I were met with the absolute warmest greeting from my mom’s old friends, Regina and Elise, as well as Frank, Gurudarshan, and Matt. Seriously, thank you, thank you, thank you – especially to Regina for putting us up! We have had a blast here, in this super funky town, with these awesome people, and New Mexico is 100% on the short list for places to return. Looking forward now to Colorado, I am STOKED to finally get on some skis (big surprise, eh?). Hopefully we’ll be at Monarch by Tuesday to ski the dregs of this last storm. Aside from the general lo-down, here are some random thoughts from the last week:

  • Chiles are great. Even in Quiche.
  • Local art kicks butt
  • Well-crafted espresso is a universal language
  • Jumping off of sand dunes is extremely enjoyable
  • You should always go for the French cookies
  • Trees should not be taken for granted (I miss you Alnus, Quercus, and Acer)”

Before making our way to a friendly home, Hunter and I strolled into downtown Santa Fe to get a cup of coffee. We came across a sweet, authentic cafe that served food from exploding egg burritos to crunchy french toast (which we both got). We received a strange look when we asked for strawberries on top… is this an east coast thing? Anyway, it was $12 each for 2 pieces of french toast, pure maple syrup, and a piece of grapefruit. It was delicious, expensive, and I could’ve made something similar with my not-so-great cooking skills. Still, we felt great after eating, and admired the stucco buildings that surrounded us and headed over to Regina’s home, an old friend of Alexis’s (Hunter’s mom) from when they were in high school (this is going to be us Jasmyn/Camille).

We met up with Elise and Frank who were working hard on Regina’s kitchen. We couldn’t help but feel immediately welcome into this small, warm stucco home. We were both craving the creature comforts (as Hunter would call them) of a hot shower and some relaxation time on the couch. We had a lot of things to do here–run around downtown for a while, go skiing, climbing, and also to a local art gallery called Meow Wolf (I’ll get there). We were off into town again, gazing and drooling over expensive pottery made from Navajo tribes right in New Mexico. It was truly amazing to see these people’s hard craftsmanship on the cobble sidewalks of Santa Fe. We headed back to Regina’s house to decide what our next step was. After much research, we figured the snow in Taos wasn’t as good as we thought, and there was a crag nearby where we could access climbing really easily. But it was raining the next day, so we decided to eat French food, drink Tequila, eat more chips and salsa, and take a gander at what everyone was raving about: Meow Wolf.

Once an old bowling alley, a few artists were able to take the empty space and create a gallery for people to come and interact with art. There were electronic harps, trippy drawings, and so so SO much more. The artists killed it. We were in a futuristic portal and walked down a hallway, came across the inside of a fridge, and then boom–inside someone’s house. Watch this video.

It was so cool, wild, amazing, I don’t even know. You had to be there. Just when we thought we had seen it all, there was another exhibit we didn’t come across. Staff walked around in lab coats wearing headphones, becoming part of this weird experience.

We awoke the next morning and evaluated our options. Colorado was getting dumped on, and the resorts nearby weren’t looking too hot. We headed to Diablo Canyon to get our hands on some rock. Luckily, the guy who bolted some climbs was there to give us beta. It was really great to be outside again and enjoying the things we love doing. (more text below pictures)

We cannot say how grateful we are to have met Regina, Elise, Frank, and their warm welcoming friends. We felt like family the second we got here and are so comfortable to be here with them in Santa Fe. Regina reminds me so much of Alexis. They are both so care free and embrace life with a warm heart. Elise gave us great tips on where to hike, camp, ski, and enjoy some lovely hot springs while we are in Colorado. So, tomorrow we both set foot and camper into Colorado, a state neither of us have been to. We are looking forward to shredding some powder and enjoying our apres ski in a hot spring.


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